Meet our Mayor...

Jim MacDonald was sworn into office January 2, 2024 becoming the 51st Mayor of Maumee.

Mayor MacDonald also served a four-year term as member of Maumee City Council where he was named President, after being elected in 2019.

The mayor is a lifelong resident of Maumee and for 32 years was a proud member of the Maumee Police Division, where he advanced through the ranks to the position of Chief of Police, which he served for five years before his retirement in 2018.

Maumee Mayor JIm MacDonald extends his sincere wishes to all who live, work, and visit the City of Maumee!
James MacDonald Mayor, City of Maumee

As approved by voters in July, 1951, the City of Maumee’s Charter created a seven member Council which serves as the legislative body for the City.  Also created was the office of the Mayor, who acts as our community’s Chief Executive Officer or CEO.

Deriving its authority from the Charter, City Council may create various boards and commissions that assist in the governance of Maumee.   As a resident, if you have an interest in serving on any of these boards, please email a letter of interest to our City Clerk.  

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