Sanitary Sewer Inspection

Ordinance 20-2024

Real Property Conveyance

Background and purpose:

The EPA has mandated that the City of Maumee eliminate inflow and infiltration (I&I) to our sewers. This ordinance outlines procedures to inspect sanitary sewer connections on real properties in the City of Maumee at the time of sale or as requested. Illegal connections burden the sanitary system causing increased financial implications, property damage and health issues for all citizens.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Inflow and Infiltration (I&I)?
Examples include down spouts, footer tiles, sump pumps, leaking or broken laterals, separated joints due to root intrusion, etc. connected to the sanitary system. These are otherwise referred to as storm water connections. All Sanitary Sewer connections, including use of materials that allow infiltration of ground or storm water, will also be included in the inspection and repairs or replacement may be required.
What is required?
Prior to the conveyance (sale) of all real property in the city limits, the owner shall obtain a Certificate of Inspection and a Certificate of Compliance.See additional requirements below.
Is a Certificate of Inspection and Certificate of Compliance the same?
No, the Certificate of Inspection on its own simply states the sewer connections have been inspected by City of Maumee staff or a certified private inspector. The Certificate of Compliance confirms there are no illegal connections, I&I, and/or the necessary repairs have been made.
How is a Certificate of Inspection obtained?
The first step to obtain a Certificate of Inspection is to complete the form below. You may also email any questions you have to

The application requires your name, phone number, property address, parcel number, use of the property (i.e. single-family home, commercial office space, etc.), and number of units if applicable (i.e. single family, duplex, etc.). You may also include photos or videos of your sewer connections. Any additional information provided such as access to cleanout points, floor drains, may save time and your cost for the inspection.

At this time, inspections will be performed by members of our Sewer Division. Certified private inspectors may perform the inspection, but only after they have been certified by the Sewer Division, Certified Building Official or Director of Public Service. The standard home inspection does not meet the requirements of this inspection.
What is next?
It depends on the results of the inspection. If the inspection reveals no illegal sanitary sewer connection, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued to the property owner and kept on file. The Certificate will expire after five (5) years. If there are illegal connections, the owner will be provided with the Certificate of Inspection, outlining the necessary repairs and must make arrangements with a provide contractor to perform the repairs within 90 days of inspection. Under extenuating circumstances, an extension of time may be granted.
How much does it cost?
The base cost of a Certificate of Inspection is $100 and covers up to one hour of inspection time. Each additional hour is $200, including reinspection if necessary. The base fee must be paid at the time of scheduling. All inspection fees must be paid before a Certificate of Inspection can be issued. The final cost for inspection will vary for each property.
How can I pay the initial fee?
You can pay by visiting your account online at BSAOnline Maumee

If you prefer, a check can be dropped off at Utility Billing or in the dropbox located outside the Dudley Street entrance. Please write “Conveyance Inspection” in the memo line.
When should I request an inspection?
An inspection must be completed ten (10) days prior to the closing date. The city commits to scheduling the inspection within ten (10) days of receiving the request when the initial fee is paid. The Certificate of Inspection will be issued within ten (10) days of the inspection with the City’s receipt of final inspection fee payment. Allow approximately twenty-five (25) days for the process, from scheduling request to completion.
What if I purchased or sold my home after June 17, 2024 and an inspection was not requested?
Email immediately to schedule your inspection. Financial responsibility for the cost of the inspection will be the current property owner. Any repairs necessary will also be the responsibility of the current property owner. Contact your real estate agent or an attorney to discuss your options.
Do I have to actively be selling my property in order to schedule an inspection?
No, the City is offering an amnesty program through 12/17/2024 in which property owners are encouraged to proactively schedule an inspection regardless if they are actively selling their property. The Certificate of Compliance is valid for five (5) years from the date of issuance (assuming compliance with the issues described above). This will allow a property owner to avoid civil and or criminal sanctions.
What if I am transferring my property into my trust or LLC?
Property transfers in which there is no monetary consideration and controlled by the same owner such as surviving spouse, are exempt from this ordinance, however, it is strongly recommended that a sanitary sewer inspection is performed.
What if I refuse to schedule an inspection when I sell my home?
The city is monitoring all properties for sale and will reach out to the property via email, phone or mail. If the owner refuses an inspection, the city will be forced to take legal action against the parties involved in the transaction, which could include, but is not limited to the title companies, real estate agents, buyer, and seller.
Do I need to provide the purchaser of my property with a Certificate of Inspection or Certificate of Compliance? Could this effect the sale of my property?
Yes, the Certificate of Inspection must be provided to the purchaser ten (10) days prior to closing. If illegal connections or I&I is identified as part of the inspection, an escrow account must be established between the seller and the purchaser to cover potential costs.

The following downloadable FAQ addresses some of the additional concerns that have recently been raised regarding the sewer inspection ordinance:

Please find attached registered Sewer Contractors for 2024:

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Proactive Inspection: 

What if I am not selling my home but I want a sewer inspection?

A property owner who is not selling their home but still wants to ensure that their sanitary lines are properly connected may request a sewer inspection by completing the form below.

If the sewer inspection deems it necessary to correct the system, the property owner will have 90 days to get such repair work completed. There are instances in which additional time may be granted.

For additional information please contact: or call 419-897-7127.

To request a sewer inspection, please complete the following form:

Proactive Sewer Inspection

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