Jury Service

If you have been selected as a prospective juror, you will be asked to report to this court at 8:15 a.m. on the date of trial. The court is located on the first floor of the Maumee Municipal Building, 400 Conant Street, Maumee, Ohio.

Parking is available behind the municipal building at Gibbs and Dudley Streets, Gibbs and John Streets, and the side of the municipal building off John Street (behind the Charter One Bank). There is also parking on the street on John Street and Dudley Street.

Please bring your jury summons with you when you appear for jury service.

Please be sure the address on the summons is correct for the payment of jury service.

As a prospective and/or seated juror you must reside in the territorial jurisdiction of this court.

You will receive $10.00 for one-half day of jury service and $20.00 for a full day of jury service. Most jury trials in this court will last only one day.

There will be a break for lunch. There are several restaurants in and around the city of Maumee.

Please come dressed appropriately for juror service. As the temperature in the courtroom may vary, you may want to bring a sweater or jacket with you.

Do not bring children or anyone with you. You may spend some time waiting. You may want to bring some reading material with you.
If you need proof that you have served as a prospective and/or seated juror for your employer, please go the counter after you have been dismissed. A staff member will prepare documentation for you.

As a prospective and/or seated juror, you may not discuss this case with anyone until it is finished.

Eight jurors and one alternate will be selected as the panel of jurors. At the end of the trial, the alternate juror will be dismissed. The other jurors will be sequestered for deliberations.

The first job, after the jurors have been sequestered, is to select a foreperson to represent and speak for the rest of the jurors.

If you need any questions answered during the time you are sequestered, write the questions down, inform the bailiff by knocking on the door. The bailiff will then refer your questions to the Judge. The Judge will relay the answers to you through the bailiff in the same manner.

When the jurors have reached a verdict, the jury foreperson should knock on the door and let the bailiff know they have reached their verdict.