Court Words and Phrases

Alcoholics Anonymous
ALTAlternatives Program  A program through Toledo Municipal Court Probation Department for defendants charged with theft, passing bad checks, and other miscellaneous crimes.  This program is for first offenders only.
ARRArraignment   Initial court appearance; A plea is usually taken; appointment of a public defender, if necessary; and charges against the person are read.
BFBond Forfeiture  Bond money that is posted for fine and/or costs that is forfeited to close a case,  A bond which is posted for a mandatory appearance and the defendant fails to appear; the bond will be forfeited.
BRADY DISQUALIFIERBrady Disqualifier  An order of the judge prohibiting the accused person from purchasing a handgun along with the conditions outlined in a temporary protection order.
CCNOCorrections Commission of Northwest Ohio  A jail which serves five counties.   Defendants are sentenced to serve their incarceration.
COPCall of the Prosecutor  The call of the prosecutor is usually for a set period of time.  If the case is not brought back before the court during that period of time, the case is considered dismissed.
Concurrent Sentence  A sentence that overlaps with another for a period of time.
Consecutive Sentence  A sentence which immediately follows any other sentences that a person is already serving.
CSCommunity Service  The Court may order a defendant to serve a number of hours of community service; serve for which one does not get paid. 
DEFDefendant In criminal proceedings, the accused.
DSDismissal  Case is dismissed.
DSNPDismissed Nolle Prosequi  A notice from the prosecutor that the charge will be dismissed.
EHMElectronic Home Monitoring  The Court can order electronic home monitoring in lieu of jail or work release.  The defendant must wear a monitoring unit during a specified period of time.
FINDINGSThe Court or jury makes the determination of innocence or guilt
FRPOFurther Proceedings   In our court, further proceedings are hearings before the Judge for miscellaneous reasons, i.e., probation violation summons, change in occupational driving privileges, failure to pay fine and costs, requests to remove ignition interlock, or suspend balance of driver’s license suspension etc.
GGuilty  The accused is admitting guilt to the offense.
GGuilty  The defendant is found guilty of the charge and the Court imposes a sentence.
INIgnition Interlock  A device installed on a defendant’s vehicle that prohibits a person from driving if alcohol is in one’s breath
JTJury Trial  A trial before selected, competent, jurors.  The facts of the case are presented to the jurors.  The jurors will then make the finding of innocence or guilt of the accused.
LCJLucas County Jail  The Lucas County Jail which serves all of Lucas County.
MOHMotion Hearing  A hearing before the Court on a motion that has previously been filed with the Court.
MOTIONMotion  An application to the Court requesting an order or rule in favor of the applicant.  Motions are generally made in reference to a pending action.  Motions can be made orally or in writing.
NAZ HALLNazareth Hall A driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs of abuse program through  Behavioral Connections of Wood County.
NCNo Contest  The accused is admitting to the truth of the facts, but not admitting guilt
NGNot Guilty  The accused stating he/she is not guilty will result in the case being scheduled for a pretrial conference or a trial to the court.
NGNot Guilty  The defendant is found not guilty of the charge
ODPOccupational Driving Privileges
ODSOther Dismissal  Case is dismissed.
PPlea  In criminal cases, an answer to a pending charge against the accused.
PLHPreliminary Hearing   In criminal law, a means of determining the question of whether or not probable cause for the arrest of a person existed. A hearing, which is held, prior to the issuing of an indictment, to determine if there is sufficient evidence to warrant the defendant’s detention.  
PROProSe In one’s own behalf; an individual represents himself/herself.
PSIPresentence Investigation & Report  An investigation and report prepared for the Judge by a Probation Officer to aid the Judge in sentencing.  The defendant meets with the probation officer prior to sentencing regarding his/her case.
PTCPretrial Conference A meeting between the defendant’s attorney and the prosecutor prior to trial regarding the circumstances of the case.
PVAProbation Violation Appearance The defendant is summonsed to appear on a probation violation.
PVDProbation Violation Disposition  The final disposition of a probation violation.
PVHProbation Violation Hearing  A hearing before the Judge regarding the probation violation.
RESTRestitution Court ordered restitution.
REVNOhio Operator’s Revocation Notice A notice of suspension of driving privileges sent to Ohio residents after they have failed to pay for a traffic violation(s).
SASISubstance Abuse Services, Inc.  Our Court uses SASI’s eight hour course for alcohol and/or drug program for offenders who are under twenty-one years of age, who consume alcohol and/or drugs of abuse. This is not to be confused with any driving under the influence program.
SENTSentencing  The punishment ordered by a court to be inflicted upon a person convicted of a crime.
SOESentence ordered enforced   A suspended sentence of incarceration can be ordered enforced when the defendant fails to complete condition(s) of the suspended sentence.  The Judge will order the suspended sentence of incarceration to be served.
TPOTemporary Protection Order An order of the Court, usually in domestic violence cases outlining restrictions between the parties during the pendency of a case.  A temporary protection is an order from the Court to protect the victim.
TRLTrial to the Court  A trial before the Judge of a court in which testimony is given by the arresting officer, any witnesses and/or of the accused.
VIPVictim Impact Panel A panel of individuals who have lost someone due to a driver who was under the influence of alcohol.  Sometimes a DUI offender will also be a part of the panel.
WGWaiver Guilty  The accused does not need to appear in court; but can pay out through the Violations Bureau of the court and is admitting guilt.
WRWork Release  Individuals may be sentenced to serve time in a work release program, either through Lucas County or the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio.
WRIWarrant Issued  No Plea. A warrant is issued for the defendant, but no plea has been entered.
WRICWarrant Issued Contested Case  A warrant is issued for the defendant.  The defendant has entered a plea in the case.
WRISWarrant Issued Sentenced Case  The warrant is issued on a case in which the defendant has already been sentenced.