Emergency Medical Services Bureau

The full time paramedics that staff the Lucas County Life Squad #7 are housed at station #1. The three city EMS units are manned by 30 paid on-call emergency medical technicians. The paramedics are supported on each life threatening run by an on-call crew of three EMT’s. If a call is reported to not be life-threatening the EMT’s respond alone. Once again, because of our many volunteers, it is nice to know that there is probably a trained Emergency Medical Technician living close to your home should a problem arise.



  • A Shift: Dawn Sniadecki/Shift Leader, Justin Butler, Joe Hunyor
  • B Shift: Shari Mullins/Shift Leader, Connie Durham, P.J. Fournier
  • C Shift: Rich Ellett/Shift Leader, W. Bryan Pouter, Nikole Heckman
  • D Shift: Tom Hunyor, Sr./Shift Leader, Dan Williams, Ron Wedge
  • E Shift:  Ryan Pearson, Jeremy Chesser, Eric Thieman







15 – full time paramedics

12 – 24 hour on; 72 hour off shift

03 – 42 hour/week shift

23 – paid on-call EMT-B

05 – paid on-call EMT-P

Contact us at:  ems@maumee.org  or jdusseau@maumee.org 



     2018 – 3,913 EMS runs
     2017 – 3,625 EMS runs                  2005 – 2,459 EMS runs                                   
     2016 – 3,562 EMS runs                  2004 – 2,449 EMS runs
     2015 – 3,183 EMS runs                  2003 – 2,405 EMS runs  
     2014 – 3,008 EMS runs                  2002 – 2,480 EMS runs                 
     2013 – 2,607 EMS runs                  2001 – 2,351 EMS runs               
     2012 – 2,818 EMS runs                  2000 – 2,113 EMS runs                   
     2011 – 2,549 EMS runs                  1999 – 2,354 EMS runs                 
     2010 – 2,894 EMS runs                  1998 – 2,285 EMS runs
     2009 – 2,739 EMS runs                  1997 – 2,189 EMS runs
     2008 – 2,714 EMS runs                  1996 – 2,818 EMS runs
     2007 – 2,488 EMS runs                  1995 – 2,260 EMS runs
     2006 – 2,498 EMS runs                  1994 – 2,169 EMS runs


Current Volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-B): J. Paul Board (also Paul is our Department Chaplain), Sarah Board, Sean Chambers, Drew Gallagher, Melissa Echler, Ross Echler, Dan Hengle, Shylie Houston, Paul Johnson, Ray Kozina, Sean Mouch, Chris Mulinix, Jason Myers, Matt Oehlers, Rick Ottensman, Tom Parker II, Mike Peachman, Todd Preston (EMT-I), Nick Robinson, Mike Stein, Tom Thieman & Zach Thorpe.

Current Volunteer Paramedics (EMT-P): Tyler Bellman, Sam Johnson, Chris King, Timothy Monto, Justin Rippke,  Nick Simon, Tom Henry, Chris Wedge, Chris Young & Zach Zmuda.



All paramedics are ACLS and CPR certified
Emergency Medical Technicians are CPR/AED certified

The paramedics have been performing and interpreting 12 lead EKG’s in the field since April 1997. This project has significantly decreased the amount of the time from the onset of acute myocardial infarction to Cardiac Catheterization, which opens blocked coronary arteries, at the area hospitals.  Maumee is an active participant in the Lucas County STEMI by-pass system, which by rapid interpretation of 12 lead EKG’s, patients are transported to a hospital capable of radio cardiac catheterization intervention.



One County A.L.S. unit; L.S. #7 
2011 McCoy Miller International 


Three A.L.S. ambulances (2005, 2009, 2015) 
All are Horton Super Duty


Two A.L.S. 1st Response Vehicles: 2014 Dodge Durango & 2016 Ford Explorer   


Maumee is a very pro-active A.E.D. (Automatic External Defibrillator) community. A.E.D.’s are carried on all medic units, most police and fire vehicles, and are located at all city school buildings. Many private enterprises have chosen to purchase A.E.D.’s and train their personnel on their use. 


All EMS operations are located at Fire Station #1 (Central Station) located at 220 Illinois Avenue, Maumee, Ohio 43537. 

Free blood pressure screenings are available by on duty personnel. This service is available daily from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

The City of Maumee is H.I.P.A.A. compliant. What is H.I.P.A.A.? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), was the result of efforts by the Clinton Administration and congressional healthcare reform proponents to reform healthcare. The goals and objectives of this legislation are to streamline industry inefficiencies, reduce paperwork, and make it easier to detect and prosecute fraud and abuse and enable workers of all professions to change jobs, even if they (or family members) had pre-existing medical conditions. 

The HIPAA legislation had four primary objectives: 

  • Assure health insurance portability by eliminating job-lock due to pre-existing medical conditions. 
  • Reduce healthcare fraud and abuse. 
  • Enforce standards for health information. 
  • Guarantee security and privacy of health information. 

To comply with the above, all personnel have been trained with a video and lecture and all have signed the “Confidentiality of Patient Information and Staff Member Verification”.

Fire/EMS scanner frequency is 154.205