Firefighting Bureau

Firefighting Chief – Michael A. Potter

Contact the Bureau: or 419-897-7050 (fax 419-897-7054)


Engine 94 – 2004 Pierce – equipped with a 1,500 gallon-per-minute pump with a 750 gallon tank.  Also, a Pierce Husky 10 compressed air foam system with capacity of 30 gallons of Class “A” foam.  Side rollover protection system and enclosed top mount pump panel



Rescue 94 – 2015 Pierce Velocity Heavy Duty Rescue – The Hurst jaws of life are located on one line and the cutters are on the second. The unit carries a MSA thermal imaging hand held camera. 


Truck 95 – 2000 Pierce Lance 105′ Ladder – is equipped with a Hale pump of 1500 gallon-per-minute and a 500 gallon poly tank.  The 105 foot aerial has all wheel steer for excellent moving capabilities in tight areas.  A husky foam system is also featured on  this spectacularly advanced vehicle. 

Truck 96 – 2010 Pierce Velocity 75′ aluminum ladder – This apparatus is equipped with a 1500 GPM Hale pump, a 500 gallon poly water tank and the Husky Foam System. Truck 6 is also equipped with pre-plumbed, pre-connected Hurst spreaders (jaws of life) and cutters making this vehicle versatile for fire suppression and rescue extrication.    


2016 Wing Rescue P4.2 – This is the Division’s front-line boat, covering approximately 4.5 miles of the Maumee River. The motor on the boat is a Mercury outboard 30 horsepower.  

1998 Rescue One -This is the Division’s front line boat and is powered by a 35hp Johnson motor. The boat also carries an 18 hp portable pump and deck gun.

2018 Kawasaki JetSki – 3 seater obtained through an annual renewable Law Enforcement Grant.  This vehicle can be launched quickly to get to stranded fishermen or victims and provide aid until other rescue craft can arrive.

The Fire Divisions of Maumee and Perrysburg (cities located on opposite sides of the River) have a mutual aid response agreement. When either of the fire divisions respond to a rescue along the River, the other division will also respond for support and protection. Each spring from March to May, the annual migration of walleye from Lake Erie move upriver to spawn, making the river a very busy place, which, in turn, keeps our divisions busy. The air and water temperatures are still very cold and many victims fall prey to hypothermia.


1928 Ahrens Fox – This vintage vehicle is used for musters and parades.  The rotary gear pump has a capacity of 600 gallons-per-minute.  At various musters, this truck has been known to get water in less than 4 seconds.  This truck and different crews have brought many first place trophies.  All of the equipment on this 1928 truck is original, including the paint.


The inside of the burn building is set on fire and is used to train firefighters, especially those who have not been in a real fire, to help them when in a real life scenario.