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Fire Station Tours

If you would like information on tours please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau

Pictured are some young students touring the station and being educated on fire safety. You are never to young to learn about how to handle emergencies. We also like to let the children see firefighters in their full gear so they do not run from them when they see them inside a structure to rescue them. We like for them to go through the ambulances and show them where they would lay if they ever needed an emergency trip to the hospital and all of them love to sit inside of the fire trucks and wear their fire hats!

Building Code or Occupancy Question?

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Chief, Fire Prevention Bureau
James Dusseau

The Fire Prevention Bureau duties include, but are not limited to the following:  inspection of structures for enforcement of the applicable fire and building codes, review of structural drawings for fire protection, assist with preplanning of structures for emergencies, fire and arson investigations, issue of fire safety permits, fire safety classes, talks and demonstrations, tours of the Fire Station.

The Maumee Fire Prevention Bureau averages over 3,000 fire safety inspections, and numerous classes and tours. Home fire safety inspections are done upon request of the occupant.

Fire Prevention

Jim Dusseau, Deputy Chief
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(419) 897-7052
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Fire Safety Inspector

Lance Tunison
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(419) 897-7051
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