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Water/Sewer bills are issued quarterly in residential areas and monthly in commercial areas and for large volume users. Water meters are read quarterly or monthly as described above, and a bill is issued by the end of that month. If the bill is not paid by the 15th of the next month, a duplicate bill with a 10% delinquency charge is issued. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, the next business day is the effective date.  The billing rate schedule for water and sewer services is available upon request from the Utility Billing Office.

Once a year credit for sewer charges on water used to top off a pool may be given (4,000 gallon maximum sewer credit). Read the meter before and after filling the pool: call these readings, along with pool dimensions and approximate depth, in to the Division of Utility Billing office at 419-897-7125. The next bill will have the sewer charge reduced by the amount of consumption used to fill the pool; maximum of 4,000 gallon per year sewer credit.


If the bill still remains unpaid, a telephone system will alert you of a turn off date and amount due. If the account holder responds prior to turn-off, the past due amount must be paid to retain service. If service is discontinued for failure to pay a bill there will be a $75.00 turn-off fee.  The total balance due(including the turn-off fee) plus a turn-on charge of $75.00 must be paid in full before service will be restored. Furthermore, no claim for damage will be considered from said shutoff of water. 

When moving, be sure to notify the Division of Utility Billing or the charges will continue. Upon notification, we will read the meter and mail a final bill to your forwarding address. The Division of Utility Billing will undertake to deliver bills for water/sewer service by depositing same in the Post Office. However, failure to receive the bill will not relieve the customer from his/her obligation in payment of said bill. If you believe that you should have received a bill, you may call 419-897-7125 at any time to get your current balance due.


The City of Maumee is pleased to offer water & sanitary sewer discounts to senior citizens and total permanently disabled persons within the City of Maumee service area who are enrolled in the senior citizen discount program.  Please access the application below:


Maumee Online Utility Account and Payment Website

Register for your online account.  You can view your utility billing account and make a Credit/ Debit card payment.

Automatic Checking Account Withdrawal

Complete the registration form.  Once registered, your utility bill will be drawn automatically from your bank account on the 15th of each month and a bill will continue to be mailed to you. If payment is refused/ returned,  there is a $30 charge.


Credit Card and Debit Card payment by phone.   

Call (888) 392-2439

Mail Check Payments

(Payable to):  City of Maumee Utility Billing, 400 Conant St., Maumee, OH  43537-3374


Drop Box

at 109 E. Dudley St. entrance. (Located outside the Municipal Building)  Check or Money Order only.


Counter Payments

at the Utility Billing Office:  2nd Floor, Municipal Building, 400 Conant St. 

Pay by check or money order.  


**No two-party checks will be accepted. Checks that are returned by the City’s depository bank for insufficient funds or other reasons are considered “unpaid.”  They are subject to a $30.00 Returned Check charge and may be turned over to the Prosecutor’s office.

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