UPDATE Sunday October 22, 2023

The printed RFP response and deliverable requirements are significant and atypical. Would you consider a digital submittal for the response and alternate formats for the final deliverables? 

The deliverables in terms of paper copies we understand are significant. However, it is important to provide both an electronic version of your proposal as well as the prescribed number of paper copies as there are a significant number of advisory board members as well as other Boards who are enjoyed in the process. Please make sure that the City receives the electronic copy in both pdf and readable format.


To most align with the Strong Towns approach, will a broader toolkit of engagement meeting formats/tactics be considered than those stipulated in the RFP? 

Regarding the broader tool kit, it is important that each consultant determine what literature and toolkits they will need to provide  the City and its agents the most creative and explicit process and end community masterplan product.


What is driving the intended project duration of 14+ months? Will alternate schedules be considered? 

The 14-month period is a simple estimate. The City fully expects each individual firm to present its own estimate of time it will take to complete the community masterplan process.


Are the 10 planning commission meetings in person or virtual or at our discretion? 

The 10 Planning Commission meetings referenced in the RFPQ can be a mix of virtual and in-person. However, the City believes it important to personally engage with Planning Commission in person for at least 5 of these meetings.


The RFP refers to at least 3 drafts of the master plan prior to the final. Would earlier stepping stone deliverables qualify as a “draft” or do you intend to conduct 3 or more rounds of review over the master plan? 

The 3 drafts referred to in the RFPQ are to be considered 3 separate reviews of completed draft community masterplan documents. The first review will be conducted by the city internal staff while the second with be a review conducted by the Community Masterplan Advisory Committee and the Planning Commission. The final review will be conducted by internal City staff, primarily for the purpose of clarification and editing. The City expects that the chosen consultant may wish to  submit additional small section reviews for staff to consider during the process to make sure they are touching on issues contemplated in the RFPQ.


Do you require any additional market analysis or development positioning research beyond the ACS review? 

The City fully understands that the American Community Survey (ACS), while extensive, is limited not only by the way in which the data is grouped, synthesized, operationalized, but also that may it be less timely than most hope for in a community masterplan process.  That being said, creative firms may wish to perform a “deeper dive” into the data the ACS can provide. For example, a consultant may wish to determine correlational inference by comparing two seemingly unrelated data sets and how those relationships might inform the City’s vision and direction for the future. However, if a consultant utilizes these more bold approaches, which the City encourages,  please been prepared to provide reasons why you believe your inference to be legitimate it questioned.


Do you have access to parcel-level assessment and land use data that can be used for the study? 

Significant time has passed between the City of Maumee’s last community masterplan and the process and product contemplated herein, so the City while the City will attempt to assist the chosen consultant with parcel-level data, the Lucas County Auditor office has the most complete parcel data.


Please provide the work conducted by prior consultants mentioned in the RFP

Previous consultant’s work referred to in the RFPQ is extensive and each potential consultant will have to more specific as to the work they believe will inform their process.


What is the defined geographic scope area for the master plan? Is it just for Uptown or another boundary smaller than the City limits? 

The City of Maumee masterplan must include the entire approximately 11.4 square mile area encompassed within the City limits. However, consultants may wish to review neighboring communities to compare whether the City of Maumee approach is consistent with those areas and/or should it be. One caveat, the current direction of the City was to start  its revitalization in it core Uptown area (downtown) and work toward peripheries. Research will be an important for any successful bidder. Please make sure that your firm considers the City’s recent “EPA Findings and Orders” and the City’s newly embraced environmental initiatives in terms of tree canopy, future form and place-based  initiatives, as well as the City’s directive to balance the pedestrian and vehicle space in a more balanced way.


How would you describe the 3-5 most pressing priorities that the master plan must address? 

These priorities will be discussed in the pre-proposal meeting to be schedule for the first week of November. The City will be sending notification of this meeting by the end of the day, Friday, the 20th of October.


Has the pre-proposal meeting been scheduled? 

The pre-proposal meeting  will be scheduled for the first week in November.


Cost appears to be the primary scoring factor of qualified firms. What is the anticipated budget of this undertaking?  

While the RFPQ review ratings are heavily weighed on the costs associated with this endeavor, it is certainly not the decided factor. It is extremely important for the chosen consultant to demonstrate extensive creativity and an ability to provide a process and product that which does not necessarily,  regurgitate age old planning theory if the consultant doesn’t believe it currently applies. Again, some Strong Towns principles should apply especially those contemplating transportation planning.


Will a list of other interested firms be posted? Will a distribution list be created for RFP updates and addenda? 

The City will provide a list of all consultants who formally reach out to the City as those communications are considered a public record. Please know that the City will be providing the same answers to RFPQ questions concurrently, to each consultant who has formally contacted the City.  All changes and addenda will be posted on the City’s website with 24 hours of the change and clarification.