Speed Enforcement

The MPH Speed Monitor Trailer is the newest edition for speed enforcement in use by the Maumee Police Division. The trailer has an “approach only” antenna that will display speed of 10 mph and above. The trailer displays the oncoming drivers speed on an 18 inch LED display. This unit is equipped with an overspeed option, which alerts the motoring public of speeds in excess of the posted limit. If the speed limit was 35MPH, all vehicles approaching at 46 MPH or more will see their speed flash until they slow to 35MPH or below.

The unit can be towed to any location and is only limited by the space off the side of the road to safely place the unit. In addition to the speed trailer, the Maumee Police Division actively patrols for speeders with radar and laser. The Police Division also enforces the use of seat belts, child safety seats, school zones and all other traffic laws. DUI enforcement is also top priority.

For information about speed enforcement call (419) 897-7040 or email Police@maumee.org