School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a key component to the Division’s overall community policing plans and crime prevention efforts within the City of Maumee. The SRO program focuses on reducing crime in our schools and, equally as important, fostering positive relationships with youth.

Officer Scott Russell was selected as the School Resource Officer for Maumee High School. Officer Corey Scharer was selected to the SRO program for Gateway Middle School. Both officers, combined, have a total of 25 years law enforcement experience and a strong commitment to our community. The SRO program has proven to be a great benefit to the Maumee Police, Maumee City Schools and the community as a whole.


As a law enforcement officer, the school becomes the officer’s beat. The SRO assists the school administration in maintaining a safe and secure environment. School administrators benefit from the SRO’s training, knowledge and experience in handling situations involving possible weapons violations or the identification of controlled dangerous substances. The SRO provides a highly visible presence to deter or identify trespassers on campus. In addition, SRO’s provide a service to the surrounding community by addressing concerns such as loitering, speeding or loud car radios. The students when going to or from school often generate these types of community complaints.

SROs are responsible for investigating violations of criminal law and when appropriate make arrests. An SRO’s sworn duty to enforce the law does not contradict the need for the SRO to be a positive role model — it in fact supports it. It is essential for a SRO to endorse high moral standards and use good judgment and discretion. Through this, students learn and understand what a professional police officer does.