Road Patrol Operations

Community Oriented Policing is an important philosophy of the Maumee Police Division. The patrol officer plays an essential part in helping C.O.P. to succeed. The patrol officer is the first person to arrive on the scene and to have contact with the  citizens. It is this interaction between patrol officer and the members of the community that is the heart of patrol work. Patrol officers enforce the laws, respond to calls for service, and assist the public in any way possible. The Division  is committed to the community and it’s citizens.

The patrol officers still provide “small town” services like checking homes while  the owner is away, all the while moving towards the future with cutting edge technology and investigations. The patrol officers take great pride in a timely, professional  and safe response to the needs of our community. The patrol officers are organized into three different shifts and each shift is supervised by a Patrol Sergeant.  It is the hard work of the patrol officer that makes the city of Maumee a great place to live and work.

Patrol officers initiate reports and are the first responders to a myriad of calls from simple thefts, domestic violences, and robberies to child custody disputes and car crashes. The officers can now further investigate offenses, acting as detectives  if they wish and time permits. Officers also initiate VTOs (vehicle traffic offense stops) when they view traffic violations. Traffic control and motorist assistance round  out the officers duties.