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City of Maumee
Rules & Regulations for Solid Waste Collection


REFUSE: The word "refuse" as used herein shall mean and include: all perishable waste, including vegetable and fruit waste; animal manure (securely bagged); household wastes (non-hazardous); and clothing.

"Bulk refuse" (requires tag; see highlighted information below) shall include; old appliances; water heaters; furniture; mattresses; carpeting (cut in 4' lengths, rolled and tied no thicker than 2' in diameter); and dismantled swing sets (cut in 4' lengths and tied, with concrete bases removed).

The word "refuse" shall not mean and shall not include: lumber; construction, building and remodeling materials; tires; automobile parts, stones; rocks or dirt; steel or iron; motor oil; pesticide containers; paint and paint-related items; automobile parts; tree stumps or other forms of yard waste; or dead animals.

COLLECTION SERVICE: Refuse will be collected every Tuesday for every single-family dwelling, two-, three-, or four-family dwellings, condominiums and townhouses (all as defined by Maumee Code) provided that (1) a refuse receptacle(s) is kept thereon; (2) said dwelling is not served by a private refuse collection service, and (3) the Director of Public Service approves of same with the standards of the Public Service Department. Collections shall be made between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

LIMITATIONS ON NUMBER OF CONTAINERS/ITEMS: The limit upon the number of containers or items collected as part of the basic service shall be maximum of ONE (1) 95 gallon Toter. The Contractor will collect additional items only if those additional items have the official “bag tag” or “bulk item tag” authorizing the additional service.  The “bag tag” and “bulk item tags” for additional service are marked with the logo of Republic Services and are available for purchase at Walt Churchill's Market and Rite Aid in the City of Maumee or at the Utility Counter in the Municipal Building.  The price is $3.50 per bag sticker or ONE (1) bulk item tag for $15.00 or THREE (3) bulk item tags for $30.00.   
Republic Customer Service 1-800-234-3429

CONTAINER REQUIREMENTS/LOCATION: Container requirements are ONE (1) 95 gallon hard plastic regulation "Trash" toter supplied by the City of Maumee of substantial water tight construction with tight fitting lids.  Non-disposable toter shall not exceed Three Hundred (300) pounds when filled.  Toters with ragged or sharp edges or any defect potentially dangerous to collection personnel must be repaired or replaced.  Refuse contractor will repair as needed.  For lost or stolen toters, a Police Report will be required for replacement.  Damaged Toters due to misuse or abuse will require the resident to pay $75 for a replacement.

All approved containers and material must be placed at the edge of the pavement, but not under trees, no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection, but not before 7:00 pm on the day before collection.  There needs to be 3 feet of clearance on each side of Toter for collection.  The resident shall return empty containers to the premises the same day of collection. The Contractor is responsible for placing containers back along the pavement and cleaning up spillage caused by its employees. Where possible, all misses shall be collected the same day.

  • Place the Toter in the street lawn – the area between the sidewalk and the edge of the street as close to the street as possible, but not under trees.
  • Toters must be out of and clear from storage corrals.
  • Do not block driveway and garage access of neighbors with Toters.
  • Set Toters with the lid opening facing the street and the handle facing away from the street.
  • Do not lean any items against Toters.
  • Only City of Maumee issued Toters will be emptied.
  • Toters must be set out for collection by 7:00 a.m. to ensure collection by Contractor. Changes in weather conditions, crew assignment, etc. can cause your pickup to be at different times.
  • Do not leave Toters at the street after collection day.
  • Lids must be kept closed to keep rain, snow, and animals out of the Toter.
  • All items must fit in the Toter with the lid closed.
  • DO NOT place items on the closed lid of the Toter.

Toter 2  Toter 1

Place Toters with a minimum of five (5) feet from               Place Toters facing the street with a minimum
all obstructions including fire hydrants, street signs,           of three (3) feet between Toters, all Large
mailboxes, vehicles, tress, utility poles and other                item Collection, yard waste and other items.

No construction, remodeling materials or Auto Parts including, but not limited to:

     Bathroom fixtures such as showers, sinks, toilets, or vanities.
     Bricks, blocks, cabinets, countertops, concrete, or tile.
     Doors and door framing of all types.
     Drywall or lumber of any type.
     Fencing, landscape pavers, or timbers.
     Hot tubs.
     Plumbing pipe or fixtures.
     Roofing material.
     Tires, Seats, Bumpers or any other Auto Parts

No yard waste including, but not limited to:

     Branches, brush, stumps, or twigs.
     Cornstalks, ornamental grass, straw, or weeds.
     Garden debris from flower or vegetable gardens.
     Grass clippings, leaves, or mulch of any type.
     Rocks, stones, sod, soil, or dirt.

No liquids including, but not limited to:

     Cooking oil or grease.
     Paint of any type.

Liquids must be absorbed in kitty litter or other absorbent material (not sand or soil).  After the liquid is totally absorbed, place in a sealed container, then in the Refuse Toter.

No highly flammable or explosive materials including, but not limited to:

     Ammunition, lead acid batteries, lithium batteries or motor oil.
If unacceptable items are in the Toters, crews will stop emptying the Toter. The resident is then responsible for correcting the problem.

CONTAINER STORAGE:After collection, store Toters on your property in a manner that is not visually distracting to you or your neighbors.  Toters should never be stored in the front yard of any property.  

REFRIGERATORS, FREEZERS, AIR CONDITIONERS, & DEHUMIDIFIERS: New Federal regulations place limitations upon the disposal of items containing Freon for the cooling process.  Arrangements for this collection must be made by notifying the Department of Public Service at 419-897-7150 by Monday prior to the Tuesday pickup.   Bulk tags are required for these items.

DISABLED RESIDENTS CARRY-OUTS: Carry-out and carry-back service will be provided to residents who meet the City's requirements for disabled, handicapped, or elderly service, and are approved for this type of service.  On designated "carry-outs", collectors will not enter garages or dwellings or enter enclosed premises.

2022 Holiday Collection Schedule

Memorial Day:  Garbage and Recycling are delayed 1 day, (pick up on Wednesday, June 1, 2022).

Labor Day:  Garbage and Recycling are delayed 1 day, (pick up on Wednesday, September 7, 2022).

**All other pickups are on Tuesday as scheduled.
Refuse & Recycle Alley Adjustments

There will no longer be refuse pick up in the alleys on streets East of Michigan Avenue.  Instead the new toters for refuse and recycling will need to be placed at the street for pick up. 

For residents with alleys in the uptown area as well as on Indiana, Clinton and Sackett, alley pick up will continue.  New refuse and recycle toters should be placed for pick up in the alley, while yard waste bags will still be picked up at the street.