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3/25/2015  River Road has been re-opened from Ford Street to the Riverside Cemetery service drive.  Riverside Cemetery continues to be CLOSED to the public.

3/19/2015  The damage to our City of Maumee cemetery is extensive.  The damage consists of displaced tomb stones and other personal property, damaged trees, and destruction of the fence around the cemetery. Those having family members buried there are assured that our records identify where every tomb stone belongs and  that every tomb stone will be returned to its proper place.  There will be no access to the cemetery for several weeks. Please, do not attempt to visit the cemetery at this time as it is our intent that our city crews  complete the necessary work as quickly as possible. Our employees understand the importance of restoring our cemetery and they truly share the feelings of family's with loved ones buried there, that the tomb stones and other personal property be treated with dignity and respect. We realize that in addition to tomb stones that benches and other items of personal property have also been displaced; we will collect all items we find and place them in an accessible location so that when we open the cemetery family members can look for those items and return them to their proper place. We will post on this web site when these items will be accessible and the location where they may be found.

Richard H. Carr

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